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Tuesday, 09 July 2013

For many its become almost status quo to get anywhere on navigation Apps on our mobile devices. But Google has taken "anywhere" to another level with its Street view Globe Trekker.

Street view Globe Trekker is Google's pilot program to capture our favourite walks, and paths for a global audience.

The good news is that Google will like the general public to chip in, well not the “general public” but tourism boards, non-profits, government agencies, universities, research organisations or other entities interested in borrowing a Street View Trekker, to me this leaves a lot of options open for a lot of people out there interested in taking part.

The application is currently open so why not fill in a form.

If I did get a "trekker cam" I would personally like to capture the path from Seven sister to Beachy head; a more than 2hour walk that starts you off on a lovely lake, then up a path of rolling hills of white marble like sandstone, all the time having a view of the blue Atlantic Ocean horizon to your right. It’s simply amazing, and on a sunny day breath-taking.

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