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Friday, 30 August 2013

Kickstarter has had another new buzz moment with Pressy aka the “Almighty Button” Pressy plugs into any Android device's headphone port (Gingerbread and above) and


allows an end user to set up clicks for various activities like short clicks to speed-dial your mom or one long press to snap an unobtrusive picture. its 0.7mm-tall and developed

by the delightful Nimmy & Bozzy(Absolutely not kidding here).

Its an accessory to a smartphone that has been perfectly pitched (You must absolutely watch that video in the source link!), but does it really make a difference to our 
smartphone experience, I truly can't say. What I would definitely like to know is how was it all done, how does this 0.7mm hardware piece control functions on smartphones
both on the device and remotely when connected to its keychain. Well they are promising to deliver in 4 months so maybe will soon find out, anyway its about time Android 
add-ons populate the market I think it would be good to compare tends now with those already existing in the iOS environment, anyone tried the indoor helicopter controller by
Apple yet???

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