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Saturday, 08 June 2013

“Pigeons -- the rats of the winged world -- have shown an aptitude for using touchscreens to carry out an intelligence test, according to psychology research from the University of Iowa.

In a study led by Edward Wasserman, the pigeons were given a "string task", a common test of intelligence which involves attaching a treat to one of two strings and seeing if the participant can win the treat by pulling the right string.”

I watched the Video and the Pigeon would first activate the screen and then select the appropriate “digital String” dragging down the simulated food, for cognitive behaviour that’s quite impressive. An IQ assessment on Animals has been an area of interest and this could open new areas of study on comparative development psychology.

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

“A tiny device that can recharge cell phone batteries in as little as 30 seconds won 18-year-old Eesha Khare a major science award that will help fund her college education at Harvard University”, "I developed a new supercapacitor, which is basically an energy storage device which can hold a lot of energy in a small amount of volume," she told KPIX 5”.

Tue Che Eesha! We certainly haven't heard the last of you. Her next dilemma though is which firm to partner with, all major Mobile players have already indicated high interests in her research.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Crack it open focuses on the “Google Glass” and here are some inside specs

  • 16GB of Flash storage (12 of which are available to the user)

  • Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor (which was also used on the Amazon Kindle Fire) and 1GB of RAM.

  • a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot video in 720p. It supports 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Audio is provided by a bone conduction transducer, and the display is “the equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away.”

Well that’s the stats from a “Half crack”, the Glasses are practically impossible to unitize at £1500 a pop, hopefully we would soon have this device planned for on our wish list.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

“Google on Thursday announced the launch of a “Save to Drive” button for its Google Drive service. The feature is available now: you can implement it on your site as well as start saving files from sites that have already done so.

For Web developers, the button means adding just two lines of HTML to their site. For Google Drive users, all it takes is one click and the file in question is saved to their account.”

In a way it does help to have the intermediate step save to device, and then cloud optimised but I think that the most relevant use of this button would be the ability to download snippets of code off tutorial sites and forums.

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Saturday, 04 May 2013

“At the moment there isn’t a jailbreak for the Apple iPhone 5 past iOS 6.1.2. This is due to the fact that the developers did not want to risk revealing their exploits over iOS 6.1.3, as they are waiting for the release of iOS 7 to use them.”

Updates are generally a good thing, but this personally limits the device for developers. A word of caution though you might want to watch out for the fake “Jail breaks” out there...this and much more in upcoming articles.

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